What to Expect When Moving Services in Chicago Arrive to Move Your Belongings

The moving company you hire to take your belongings from your old home to your new residence should come to your home prepared to do the job. There are a number of tools that are commonly used in the moving business and you should expect your movers to have most of them at hand.

The most important thing your mover should have is a large, clean moving truck. A professional mover will not arrive at your home with a pickup truck. When the truck arrives, it should be large enough to move all of the contents of your home in one or two trips. If it will take more than two trips, the truck is too small. The box truck should be clean and empty, except for any supplies that your movers bring with them.

A sturdy dolly is another essential tool for anyone who provides Moving Services in Chicago. Your movers should not attempt to lift your furniture and carry it out of your home. Using a dolly protects your heavy furniture and also prevents your movers from back injuries. The moving truck should have a lift-gate to help the movers safely load your furniture onto the truck.

Before loading your furniture onto the truck, your movers should cover every piece with blanket wrap. The wrap will keep your furniture clean while it is being loaded and transported to your new home. With your furniture safely wrapped during your move, you can put it in place in your new home and begin using it without having to clean it first.

The moving company you select should send enough people to move all of your belongings in a timely manner. If you have a large house, you will likely need more than a two-man moving crew. Reputable Moving Services in Chicago come to your home before you sign a contract to evaluate how much property you need to move. At that time, they should know how many movers they will need for the job.

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. When you have a good moving company on your team, your move can be as simple as packing your fragile items in boxes and arranging your furniture in your new home when the truck drops everything off safely.

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