What to Look for in a Mold Removal Company

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Home Improvement

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In the event of a flood or other water disaster in your home, you will likely have to deal with effects that last much longer than the water. This is especially true in cases where reputable help was not called for immediately after the water appeared. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can extract the water themselves, only to find out a short time later they did not effectively remove it and are now dealing with the damages of mold. When you have water damage, it is essential to find a mold removal company that also handles water extraction.


When you look for a company to assist you with your water damage, it is important to tread carefully. Too many companies know just how desperate you are to obtain help right away and will take advantage of the situation. Before you hire just any company, inquire about the training the employees have in regard to the removal of hazardous toxins, such as mold and sewage. If they do not specialize in these areas, you need to find a company that does.

Proper Drying

Of utmost importance in the extraction of water a mold removal company provides is the ability to completely dry your property out. There are various techniques, including methods for dehumidifying, that can help dry the property out, prohibiting the growth of mold in the basement or other area of your home. While a general handyman might be able to help you with general water extraction, chances are he does not have the training or tools to completely dry the rooms out.

The Details

In addition, any company you deal with should readily show you proof of their licensing, certification and proper insurance. Even though they are coming onto your property to help you minimize the damage, accidents can happen, causing even more damage to your home. Without the presence of insurance, the financial responsibility could fall on you, which is the last thing you need during such a devastating time.

Water disasters are never a pleasant thought to consider for any homeowner, but they are something everyone should be prepared to handle. When you look for a water extraction and mold removal company, make sure you look for one that has trained employees that possess the proper license, certifications and insurance, as well as use the proper techniques to ensure 100 percent satisfaction.

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