What To Look for in Pet Boarding

When dog owners go away, one of their first concerns is who is going to take care of the dog or dogs in the family. Occasionally there is a trustworthy family member or friend who can house sit, taking care of the dogs’ needs, watering the plants, and keeping the house safe. Most people in Fanwood are not that lucky. Family members and relatives have jobs, and even when a house sitter is available, not all of them are actually good at pet care. The benefit of pet boarding over friend and family caregiving is that pet boarding is professional and it is standardized. There is simply a greater sense of security and greater safety for your pets in Fanwood. Here are a few things to look for when choosing pet boarding in Fanwood.

1. Services for All Dogs. Not all dog breeds are the same, and within the same breed there are individual differences in personality, physical activity levels, and health. A main concern for pet owners is how their special needs dog will do in a boarding facility. Luxury boarding facilities like K9 specialize in both overnight and day care pet boarding, allowing for individualized attention.

2. Play Areas. No one wants to stick their dog in a kennel where they sit in a cage all day and only get out once or twice for bathroom breaks. The dogs suffer emotionally and physically from being in a confined environment with lack of stimulation, and many dogs are anxious in these types of situations. A pet boarding service should provide hours of stimulation for dogs, with human playtime as well as outdoor playtime with other dogs for maximizing exercise and minimizing stress.

3. Health and Safety. The biggest concern is safety. Pet boarding should prevent dogs from getting sick or into trouble, and also ensure that their needs are being met at all times.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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