What Types of Services are Offered by a Court Reporter?

Many people understand that a Court Reporter prepares a real-time report of the proceedings that take place in a courtroom. Along with that valuable service, court reporting firms also offer other services that can come in handy in many situations. Here are a few examples.

Taking Depositions

During the process of taking a deposition, it helps to have a court reporter present who can prepare a report of every word that is said. Typically, a recording is made even as the reporter is taking down both the questions and the responses. This helps to ensure there is no confusion about what takes place during that deposition and what was actually said at each phase of the conversation. The importance of accuracy during a deposition cannot be overstated. Missing just one word can change the meaning of something that is said during that interview and have a profound effect on the outcome of the case. For this reason, reporters are trained to focus on capturing every word accurately.

Interpreting Services

Another important service offered by these types of firms is interpreting. This is especially helpful when depositions involve taking statements from people who identify specific languages as their native tongues. With an interpreter present who is able to accurately translate those responses, it is much easier to avoid issues that can arise due to the person being interviewed not being aware of what words to use in order to convey the intended meaning.

Quick Turnaround

Many reporters are able to provide a prepared transcript immediately after an interview takes place. Even if a review of an audio or video recording is needed first, the goal is to have the final draft in the hands of the client as soon as possible. This helps to ensure that whatever needs to happen next can take place without any delays. For people who want to learn more about court reporting and how it can be used effectively, contact the team at Gore Brothers Reporting & Video Company, Inc. They can assess the needs of the client and make suggestions for what type of services will produce the desired results.


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