What You Get from the Best Free Field Service Management Software

Getting good free field service management software can simplify the work of employees of any contemporary company or business. Technology has revolutionized different aspects of business management especially in communication and service delivery. Today, companies are using innovative technologies to communicate with employees, customers and clients using sophisticated software.

Field service management applications are some of the commonly used programs by the contemporary organizations in their management operations.
Among the activities that can be done using a field service management application include:

* Managing sales

* Monitoring and tracking field employees

* Billing customers

* Assigning jobs to employees

Locqus is among the companies that are providing free field service management applications. This means that you do not have to pay for it and you can easily download it. It is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Consolidated management tools

Once you download this application in your device it consolidates different management tools. Such tools include payment processing, vehicle tracking and job progress management tools among others. Additionally, it provides standalone operation services such as on-site payments and GPS tracking.

Generally, there are many benefits of quality free field service management software because it is designed and developed in a way that brings a wide range of management tools together. After downloading it, managers can use a wide array of management applications in monitoring and controlling different operations of the employees.


Among the features of this software include:

* Job scheduling feature: This enables managers to create and to assign jobs to the workers remotely. Such jobs appear on the mobile devices of the respective workers immediately they are created.

* En-route notifications: This feature notifies employees that a manager is headed for their direction and the time when the manager will arrive.
Geo-location: Using this feature, managers can locate the position of the workers as well as the jobs they had been assigned for the day.

* Time cards: This feature eliminates the need of paper time cards. Using this feature, managers can clock their mobile devices and the clock will keep track of the hours that the employee works in a day.

* Mobile invoicing as well as receiving payments: Managers and employees can create invoices and associate them with jobs or email them to customers using mobile devices on site. They can also access payments via credit card. This eliminates the need for mailing invoices and waiting for payments.

If you need to an application that will enable you do all this, just download the best free field service management software.

Field management and operations are now simple and efficient with free field service management software. Visit Locus to learn more about this software and how it can benefit your business.

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