What you need to know about Landlord and tenant law in Chicago

Landlords and tenant law that Chicago residents need to know can be found online. These laws come in to play due to the lease signed by the tenant which is a binding contract. For a tenant residing in housing that is leased by a landlord, they have basic rights that protect them in certain circumstances. These laws will govern the binding legal contract entered into by both parties.

Know your rights

More than 60% of Chicago residents are currently renting an apartment for their housing. This is a very large percentage of the population, and if you are also a renter, it is important to know your rights under the law. This will protect you in the event that your landlord performs an illegal eviction or fails to comply with basic landlord and tenant law guidelines. The ordinance summary provided by the city of Chicago spells out in great detail which are the rights of the tenant and which are those of the landlord. Becoming familiar with this prior to renting out a unit will guarantee the best results for both parties involved.

When your rights have been infringed on

Whether a tenant or a landlord has had their rights infringed on by the other party, they are protected by the laws. This allows them to take full legal action in pursuit of compensation or other legal justice for the rights being violated. To get the needed help, it is necessary to go to someone who is well versed in this field of law such as a landlord and tenant law attorney in Chicago. This individual will have a complete understanding of the law and can help their client obtain the best resolution for their case.

Tenant & Landlord Services

Most lawyers will provide assistance to both landlords and tenants. Once an attorney is located, they will need all of the facts and supporting evidence to help in building the strongest case. They can use the lease, rent payment dates, pictures, and any other related evidence to corroborate your claim. Providing the attorney with as much information as possible will allow them to make the law work for you.

When you need legal assistance with matters of landlord tenant law in Chicago, don’t delay. Get the help that is needed right away from an experienced attorney.

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