When Ducts for Residential Air Conditioning in Toledo OH Are Not Entirely Effective

Duct pipes might be viewed as arteries and veins of a whole-house system for heating and residential air conditioning in Toledo OH. The metaphorical arteries send climate-controlled air into the home through vents from the air handler. The duct pipes acting as veins bring air from the home back to the air handler through return registers.


When a residential air conditioning in Toledo OH is not working effectively because of problems with the ducts, the homeowners have a big decision to make. The original ductwork may have been inadequate or poorly designed. Perhaps the floor plan of the house has been changed with an addition. In some cases, the location of the furnace is changed, creating problems with the effectiveness of the existing ductwork. Modification may be necessary to provide sufficient climate control for every room.

Adjustment vs. Full Installation

The good news is that modification of the ductwork is much less expensive than installing these features in a home that doesn’t have them. Older homes that were heated with a floor furnace or centrally located oil stove may have no duct pipes at all. Designing a system and installing the devices can be a pricey venture. Modification, however, may include adding another pipe or two along with a corresponding vent. It may involve changing the size of one or more pipes.

System Inspection

During any modification work, heating and cooling technicians inspect the entire system to see if there are any air leaks. This can happen when connections become loose over the years. Sometimes a room that has slowly lost effective climate control over time did so because the duct connected to the vent became increasingly loose.

It might seem as though leaks are unimportant since this climate-controlled air does not leave the home, but that air typically is released in areas where it has no desired effect. It might be released in the basement or behind a wall, for example. Often, heating and cooling technicians discover that homeowners have noticed gaps in basement ducts and tried sealing them with tape. Check out A-1heating.com to get started on adjustments to the duct system.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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