When to use DIY Methods, and When to Call a Drain Cleaning Contractor in Wilmington DE

There’s almost no worse feeling than trying to take a shower and ending up with a tub full of murky water. There are a variety of drain cleaning fixes, but it can be difficult to know when to tackle the problem yourself and when to call a professional. Below are some tips to make your decision a bit easier. Doing it Yourself Many drain blockages are easily fixed with DIY techniques. If you are sure of what’s blocking the drain, or you want to try every possible solution before calling in a pro, one of the below options may work for you.

*      Corrosive cleaners are many people’s first choice. There are many cleaners available which use chemicals like potassium hydroxide, lye or bleach to clear blockages near the drain’s surface. If you use a cleaner like this, be sure to follow the instructions to reduce the risk of injury.

*     Natural cleaners can be made with ingredients already in your home. Use three-quarters of a cup of dry baking soda; pour it into the drain, following with a half-cup of any kind of vinegar. Put a plug in the drain immediately, and leave covered for up to a half-hour.

Cleaning the Drain Trap Another solution is more labor-intensive, but highly effective. Clean out the under-sink area and place a bucket under the pipe to catch any water or debris. Use a pair of pliers to loosen the nuts, and use your hand to remove the blockage from the elbow of the drain. If the clog is higher up the pipe, use a straightened wire coat hanger to pull it out. Once the drain is clear, replace the elbow and tighten the nuts. How to Know When to Call a Professional As effective as DIY drain-cleaning techniques are, there are some cases where it’s better to call a Drain Cleaning Contractor Wilmington DE, such as:

*     When you have a clog that recurs or doesn’t respond to a DIY fix

*     When there’s a thick, greasy clog

*     Where sewer pipes are clogged

*     When roots have invaded your septic system

A plumbing professional has all the tools to handle the toughest drain clogs. A pro knows how to use highly corrosive drain cleaners (such as those containing sulfuric acid), and they also know how to use hydrojetting tools safely and cost-effectively. With their skills, tools, equipment and training, a plumber can remove even the toughest clog from your drain.

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