Why People Get Floor Refinishing Done in New York City

The wood floor in your home has gone through many years of dealing with the dirt and the traffic that goes through the rooms of your house. This type of floor is easy enough to keep clean, simply mopping it with the right type of solution for your wood floor will keep it clean and you would sweep it with either a broom or a dust mop, depending on how long ago you last cleaned it. All the same, this only cleans the surface and does not really do anything to bring out and refresh the vibrant color of the wood, which is a very important aspect of having hardwood floors.

The best way to bring some life back into your hardwood floors is by hiring someone to come out and do the wood flooring refinishing that will bring back the shine of your wood floors. It is normal for people to need this type of Floor Refinishing in New York City done every so often because the floors lose their shine over the course of several years due to normal foot traffic. While you can try to fight it by using special formula solutions to keep your floor clean and polished, you will still be able to notice a difference when you hire someone to come in and professionally refinish your floors.

When the Floor Refinishing in New York City company comes out to refinish your floors, it may take all day or it may take just a couple of hours, depending on how much hardwood flooring you have. It takes a lot to refinish a floor and it is a very important task. First, they would go through with a giant machine and sand your entire floor. Doing this removes the years of wear and tear that discolored your beautiful hardwood floors in the first place. Then they would put on several coats of water based non-toxic finish which will protect your floors from future wear and tear. This finish usually dries within an hour, which is great because it means that you can come home to a newly refinished floor and it will not take all day.


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