Why Should You Consider a Tea Time Biscuit a Crucial Food Staple?

As a longstanding tradition of British culture, tea and its parties have come to have different meanings in various places such as Portugal, Russia, and the US. What has become as significant as the brew is the assortment of accompanying tea time cookies. Many potential hosts and hostesses mark tea parties with the type of cookies they serve and the times their guests enjoy them. Tea can also be a personal source of comfort taken in solace or intimate company.

A Brief History of Tea Time Biscuits

In the 1830s, Britain was notable for taking tea time very seriously. Since tea provided comfort for so many, it was a natural next step for accompaniments to appear. Tea time became an elaborate affair, and the most likely complements were tiny sweetened flat cakes or biscuits. Some parties featured sandwiches and other tidbits, but biscuits were convenient because they provided light and portable fare between lunch and dinner.

Biscuits, along with tea, were staples of the well-to-do as they were expensive and labor-intensive. Although not quite the same in the US, tea parties with their cookies gained popularity in the 1870s.

Types of Biscuits to Serve With Tea

Gone are the days where a tea party requires the company of a cookie, but the rich tradition remains prevalent. With the advent of a myriad of tea varieties, the type of biscuits that goes well with the flavorful cups seems endless. A mere sampling follows.

*Gingersnaps, gingerbread cookies



*Macaroons – Coconut-based biscuit

*Coconut cookies


*Viennese – Go particularly well with florals like rose

*Chocolate – Milk or dark

*Macarons – French almond-meal cookie filled with buttercream

*Palmiers – Elephant ears or palm leaves



*Digestives – Semi-sweet biscuits from Scotland

When Is Tea Time?

When is it appropriate to serve tea and biscuits? The tradition, of course, is to serve afternoon tea with cookies or tea cakes. However, you can indulge in tea cakes or biscuits in any time frame that requires a snack. Teatime with cookies can stand in as a light breakfast. Even where afternoon tea is commonplace, many families serve a hot brew with biscuits after dinner to extend a social occasion or provide dessert.

Where to Get Tea Time Biscuits

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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