Why Table Pads are an Important Investment

by | May 22, 2014 | Home And Garden

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When you spend time, effort, and money finding the ideal dining room table, you look forward to enjoying its beauty for years. If you protect it by using tablecloths and place mats, you will soon find out why professionals recommend quality Table Pads. Experts, such as Superior Table Pad Co. Inc, offer a line of pads that provide benefits such as


1. PETS : Animals love tables, and a pad protects the surface when your cat decides to jump up on your table, or your dog begins digging his claws into it.

2. SPILLS: Tablecloths will not help your table’s finish when somebody spills a hot drink on it. However, a table pad provides a waterproof covering.

3. OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Laptops, pens, and other items can take their toll when your dining room table is being used as office space. Table covers can solve the problem by providing a protective surface.

4. KIDS: Adding a pad provides insurance when your children want to use the dining room table for a project or homework. Kids are not neat, and are prone to drag items across the table, without realizing they’re scratching it.

5. GUESTS: Even the nicest visitors to your home may not be careful with your furniture, but a table pad offers protection against careless guests.

* PLACEMAT REPLACEMENT: If you choose to protect your table using placemats, you will soon begin to notice damages in some areas. A pad eliminates the need for placemats and ensures that every inch of the surface is safe.

are available in a variety of colors. These include brown, tan, and chocolate woodgrain. You can also choose antique brown, white crush, walnut, mahogany, sandalwood, and oak, among other options. Pads can be custom ordered to fit your table’s shape.

* TABLECLOTH REPLACEMENT: The primary reason that you buy a dining room table is to enjoy elegant meals. A table pad can help you achieve this by providing a cover that serves as a beautiful setting. Pads are heat resistant and can be locked, so they stay in place when in use.

A fine dining room table is a big investment, and the best way to protect it is to use a table pad. These covers are available in custom sizes, a variety of colors, and will keep your furniture looking like new for many years.

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