Why Use A Cable Tie Mounting Base?

If you use a few lightweight cables, you probably employ a few ties. They help manage the system. However, if your system consists of heavy bundles of wires, you probably need more than ties. You should consider installing a cable tie mounting base.

What are Cable tie Mounting Bases?

Cable ties may be as simple as plastic tie devices to keep wires together in a bundle. They are one component of cable management. A mounting device is a more efficient means of controlling the cables. It is generally more apt for heavier wires and cables. Mounting bases provide a more secure environment. They also allow you to direct or rout cables.

A basic cable tie mounting base system is available in diverse sizes and shapes. A common format is square. The actual process of mounting may be through screws or adhesive. The backing of the adhesive may vary according to the environment. Under normal conditions, rubber backing is sufficient; in case of high-temperature locations or conditions, acrylic is better.

Desirable Qualities

If you want the cable tie management system to be effective, it is important it possess the following qualities:

  • Address the weight of the cable
  • Provide a secure mount
  • Offer flexible installation
  • Is easy to install
  • Has a durable and appropriate form of attachment, e.g., adhesive or screws

The best models of cable-tie management systems come in different shapes, sizes and configurations to address the specific types, sizes, shapes, number and weight of the cables it must put into secure and safe order.

The Cable Tie Mounting Base

Cable ties are one means of creating order from chaos. They are tools to manage a system of cables and wires. To increase security, stability, and safety where cables are not only numerous but heavy requires more than simple plastic or wire ties. It necessitates a cable tie mounting base.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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