Why You Need Good 40G Test Equipment

Ready or not, 40 and 100G technology is here and it is becoming more popular every day. Just about everyone wants more bandwidth these days, and this includes military, commercial, residential, academic, and medical sectors. This creates a demand for technicians which understand high speed technology and have the right 100 and 40G test equipment at their disposal. This means you need something which can stand up to everything you put it through.

What is 100 and 40G Technology all about?

The new technology is considerably different from just a few years ago. Here are some important things to remember.


Cable performance parameters are set by IEEE. In fact, IEEE 802.3ba is the standard for today’s 100/40G technology. You could face problems in your line of work today. For example, with 40 GB, instead of the 2 fiber requirements of 10 GB technology, you’ll be moving up to 12, and for 100 GB, the requirement is doubled. Plus in some cases, older cabling systems like OM4 may not be able to handle this.


As you may have noticed, every where you see 40G, you see 100G. This is a unique situation and the first instance in which an Ethernet standard has encompassed two speeds (instead of one). In many upgrade situations, you may need to consider these things:

 * Cables may be insufficient and may need to be completely replaced.
 * You may have to install all new conduit (as the new cabling is larger)
 * You might need to replace or upgrade firewalls, routers, switches, and patch panels.
 * A new form of network management must be installed.
 * Upgrades can be difficult when done in phases, as there could be many incompatibility issues.
 * You are going to need new testing equipment.

Domino Effect

Upgrading from 10G to 40/100G can have a ripple or domino effect on the telecommunications industry. For example:

 * New certifications for technicians will be needed.
 * Server computers and data storage will need upgrades.
 * ISP servers will have to eventually support IEEE 802.3ba.

Equipment Needs

If you have not already done so, you will need to make provisions for the latest technology. When you want the best test equipment, go with an experienced provider with a proven track record. Plus, do not let price be the only determining factor, as your equipment is linked to your financial future.

It’s not just important to keep up with the increasing demand of broadband Internet. It is a matter of survival. If you fail to see the benefits of faster technology, you could easily become lost in the dust of your competition.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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