A Car Accident Lawyer in Everett, MA Helps When Insurance Policyholders Have Problems with Their Claims

Even the most cautious drivers can get into a wreck if another driver is behaving recklessly. Reckless behavior behind the wheel can lead to serious injuries. An injured person may need to hire a car accident lawyer in Everett, MA to achieve the most satisfactory financial outcome in this type of situation.

Reckless Driving

In the legal world, reckless driving is considered behavior behind the wheel that shows disregard for other people’s safety. That could mean driving so fast while tailgating on the highway that hitting the car in front at a red light is inevitable. The vehicle behind might actually push the car in front forward all the way through the intersection, which would make the situation even more dangerous.

It could mean darting in and out of traffic on a busy four-lane highway in an effort to get ahead. It might mean racing to get through a yellow light but instead running a red light and hitting another vehicle broadside. Reckless driving can result in losing control of the car and striking a pedestrian or a bicyclist.

No-Fault Automotive Insurance

Massachusetts is a no-fault state in regard to car accidents. Each person’s own automotive insurance is supposed to pay for expenses. If the insurer disputes the claim for any reason or offers a low settlement, the person should not hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer in Everett, MA for a free consultation. The insurance company at this point is considered to be acting in bad faith, as policyholders justifiably expect their insurer to pay their claims.

The Free Initial Consultation

An attorney from an organization like the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass can let the person know what to expect regarding insurance adjuster communication and what expenses should be covered in a settlement. The lawyer will want to see all the information connected with the accident so far, including a list of medical expenses and reports from law enforcement. If the insurer disputes the claim or offers an unreasonable settlement, the person should work with a lawyer to achieve a better outcome. Click here to schedule a consultation. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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