When to Call for Professional Garage Door Repair in Huntington, WV

Garage doors add beauty to a home, protect its inhabitants and their belongings and keep vehicles out of the elements. They’re adept at hiding boxes, bins and tons of excess as well. Of course, all that depends on them working properly. If they’re malfunctioning, they can leave you vulnerable to intruders, weather and plenty of other hazards. While some problems are simple to resolve, others require professional Garage Door Repair in Huntington WV.

Won’t Open or Close Properly

When a garage door refuses to move as it should or moves but seems a bit sideways, the problem typically lies in its tracks. In some cases, this means the door or a component in the track is damaged. Other times, there’s simply something blocking its path. Check to make sure no random items have become lodged in the track. If you don’t find any obvious obstructions, call a professional for help.

Won’t Open or Close at All

Coming home and finding the garage door won’t open for you or close behind you can be a bit frustrating. Should the door refuse to open with your vehicle trapped inside, the situation becomes even more unnerving. Broken springs are often the culprit in cases like these, but something much simpler could also be amiss. Countless people have worried over such problems only to discover the batteries in their remotes were dead or the door had been manually locked without their knowledge. Look for the simplest, most obvious solutions before going to more extreme measures.

Opens but Won’t Close

If the door opens but won’t close when it should, its sensor could be the issue. Newer garage doors are equipped with sensors on either side that detect obstructions, such as people, vehicles and skateboards. If they sense anything that shouldn’t be there, they won’t close as a safety precaution. Make sure no boxes, weed eaters or other hurdles are in the way. If the path is clear, try cleaning off the lenses on the sensors. Should neither attempt fix the problem, call for professional Garage Door Repair in Huntington WV.

Despite their many benefits, garage doors can malfunction from time to time. Though there’s no harm in trying to remedy simple issues on your own, more in-depth repairs are best left to the professionals to prevent injury and further damage. Contact Garage Door Operators Inc. to schedule an appointment or learn more.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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