Be Prepared to Call the Right Service for AC Repair in Colorado Springs

The time to screen potential air conditioning repair companies in your area is before you actually need AC Repair Colorado Springs. If you’re new to the area, maybe ask a neighbor who they’ve used and been happy with in the past. You can also check with your realtor. The realtor may know the reputation of local companies based on conversations with the home owners they have as clients. Plus, the realtor also lives in the area, and may recommend the service that they use in their own home.

Not all AC Repair Colorado Springs services in the same town are the same. Some do not charge extra for emergency service calls. Other companies begin to charge extra after 5pm or 6pm, and you don’t know ahead of time unless you ask or they state it on their website. Check the website or call and ask the company directly if their employees are drug-free and if they have passed a criminal background check before you have them in your home. If the air conditioning service runs specials, they may run ads with coupons in the local circular, or they may have coupons you can print from their website.

The best way to avoid an unexpected repair is to have the air conditioning system checked each year. The technician who comes out will run down a checklist of standard items to make sure the system is ready to go, including checking out the freon levels and recharge them if necessary, and changing the air filter. Customers should also be changing their own air filter at least one other time during the year. Just like the air filter in a car, it accumulates dust and dirt before they can get sucked into the system, but a clogged and dirty filter makes the system have to work harder. Some other items on the list include inspecting the motor and lubricating it if necessary, checking the wiring, the air flow, the condensate lines, and making sure the fan blade is intact and working. They don’t just do a visual inspection; they should do a test and check the operating sequence of the unit.

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