Dentists in Lubbock Like To Prevent More Problems Than They Fix

There are a lot of people that are very conscientious about brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day, at least. Some of these people believe that because they are so conscientious that it isn’t really necessary to set two appointments to see Dentists in Lubbock every single year. They tend to think that because they take such good care of their teeth at home on a daily basis that they can skip routine visits to a dentist. If they discover some kind of a dental problem they go to the dentist. If they don’t, then they only make periodic appointments.

What these people should consider is just why Dentists in Lubbock recommend semi-annual visits. One visit is so that the dentist can do a thorough examination that not only includes X-rays but a visual examination as well. Dyal Family Dentistry will tell you that the main use of dental X-rays is to discover cavities that are developing beneath the surface of teeth. When they find cavities developing, they can fix them before they break through the tooth surface causing the patient pain.

The second reason for an in-person visit is to allow the dentist to visually inspect the patient’s mouth and ask questions that can show if gum problems might be developing. Infections of the gums are more common than most people realize. The visual indications can include lesions that look like little white spots on the gums, sort of like little blisters. Another indication is bleeding occurring when someone brushes their teeth. Many people think that if the see blood when they brush that they are just brushing too hard. Sometimes the beginning of a gum infection can be determined by a specific order that many people will just pass off as bad breath. A dentist looks for all of these indications during an in-person examination.

The point is that even people that are very conscientious about their at-home oral hygiene need to see a dentist. The optimal time is twice a year. Even the best brushing and flossing may not clear out everything, so a good professional cleaning is what is needed every year. The in-person exam can help to avoid gum infections by discovering things that could indicate an infection is trying to get started and preventative treatment can stop an infection before it takes hold. Everyone should see their dentist twice a year.

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