Cable Tie Mounting Base Installation Tips

Using stud welding to install metal cable tie mounts is an effective, fast and long-lasting way to secure the cable to any metal surface or structure. This is used in shipbuilding, automotive and heavy-duty equipment manufacturing, in processing equipment and systems as well as in construction with metal buildings.

When completing cable tie mounting base installation for any type of project, there are few things to keep in mind. This will ensure correct placement and selection of the cable tie mounts as well as optimal support for the cable on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Consider the Entire Project

Take the time to consider the entire project before starting. This will allow for accommodations to include a cable tie mounting base around corners or on angles where a single mounting base may not provide the required support.

It will also allow the operator to check the surface areas where the cable will be run and determine if any surface prep is required.

Surface Prep if Required

While stud welding is a simple process and requires little prep work of the metal surface, there are still some potential issues to consider. These issues will be more problematic when the metal surface is old, and corrosion is present, if there is paint on the surface or if there is any type of oil, grease or other chemicals which could impede the weld.

Choose The Correct Cable Tie Mount Style

There are a variety of cable tie mounting base options available. Look for a mounting base with the features and the size required for the specific cable and application.

Make sure to consider the ease of loading the cable tie bases into the gun and how easy this process will be for operators in the field. Top systems will be ready to weld every 3 seconds and will also be able to reload in 15 seconds.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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