Increase the Chances of Claims Success With Help From a Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI

Deciding to stop working to take care of one’s health is a difficult, deeply personal decision, and most people feel anxiety and guilt over leaving their careers. However, that pales in comparison to applying for Social Security disability compensation, as almost 75% of applications are denied the first time. In this guide, readers will learn several reasons claims may be approved faster.

Discussing SSDI With a Doctor

Does the claimant’s doctor support them quitting work and requesting disability payments? Doctors’ recommendations are extremely important, greatly affecting many clients’ filing decisions. Physicians have paperwork to submit as part of the application process, as well as yearly reports if a client receives benefits. Before the doctor fills and files these documents, it’s important to consult a Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI.

Get All Medical Records

Before submitting an SSDI application, claimants should request all their medical records, including those for specialists. Those with chronic illnesses often have co-morbidities, and if one has visited a physical therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, or any other specialist, those records should be included in the filing.

Past and Present Treatments

Clients should gather information on their current medicines and medical treatments, such as hospital visits, infusions, and therapy. Provide a list of every medication related to the disability, and don’t forget about alternative and complementary methods used to treat the condition. When a claimant can prove to the SSA that they’ve exhausted every treatment option, the claim is more likely to succeed in front of the Social Security Administration.

Include Details

During a disability filing, a claimant will fill out a form reporting on the extent of their disability. The more details, the better; this typically means opening up about daily struggles and the need for help. A Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI can help a client draft a specific, but honest, report on how the disability has changed their life.

If all this seems overwhelming, there’s help available. When a claimant needs a disability attorney, they shouldn’t have to pay unless they receive benefits. Call the Bleakley Law Offices P C or visit them online to set up a free consultation today.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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