Clogged Drain? Call Plumbers in Simi Valley to Clear It

Homeowners often think of a plumber as someone that they call in for an emergency such as a broken water heater or backed up toilet, but in reality a Plumbers Simi Valley company plays a role in many day-to-day household operations. Plumbers are needed whenever a new gas stove or washing machine is installed. They are the best people to replace or install new faucets and shower fixtures. Many do-it-yourself homeowners feel that they can do these simple tasks themselves. However, just one small faucet leak can add up to hundreds of gallons of wasted water. That means much higher water bills.

When a homeowner notices that water is standing in the kitchen sink or shower for longer than it should, their first inclination is to run to the hardware store and get a chemical to unclog it. While this strategy might work for a minor clog, it will be ineffective against a major blockage. Instead of clearing the drain, it will just sit in the water above the clog. Unfortunately the drain cleaner contains very caustic chemicals which can eventually eat through the pipes. This can lead to an even more expensive plumbing repair.

The better strategy is to call in a plumbing company Simi Valley. They have sophisticated camera equipment that they can use to examine the interior of the clogged drain. That will allow them to determine the best way to treat it. They may decide to use a wire that has a motorized corkscrew on the end to power through the drain. If the drain looks very bad, they might use their hydro-jetting equipment. This is a hose with a high-pressure nozzle at the end. It pushes out pressurized water that is so powerful it can unclog almost any clog. It doesn’t matter how much grease or hair is tangled in it. Plumbing jobs that used to take many frustrating hours can easily be completed under an hour.

They’ll learn how plumbing contractors assess a variety of problems and how they fix them. It’s also good to learn when they are available and the payment methods they will take.

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