Tips for Applying Wall Sticker Decals

Decorating a room can be done in a variety of ways. Many people choose to paint the walls in the room or install wallpaper to give the room the look they desire. Today, there are wall sticker decals you can use to change the look of the room without adding wallpaper, hanging pictures or repainting the walls. When you choose these decals, it is important to install them correctly to ensure they last and can be removed easily when the time comes.

The Paint

The paint you put on the wall will have an impact on how well the decals will stick. In general, you want an acrylic paint, not an oil-based paint. You also need to make sure the paint surface is as smooth as possible. Depending on the application method, the paint could have a rough surface due to the texture of the paint roller or other applicator. If you have recently painted the wall, you must allow the paint to set for at least three weeks before applying your decals.


In addition to having a smoothly painted surface, the wall must also be clean prior to the application of wall sticker decals. Simply dusting off the wall with a dry cloth is not enough in most cases unless you have recently painted the wall. Instead, you need to use a mild detergent and gently scrub the walls to remove any dirt and debris, including oils. Dry the wall thoroughly before application as well or the stickers will not adhere properly.


The temperature of the room and the wall can have an impact on your application as well. If the temperature is too cold, the stickers will not stick for long. If it is too hot, they can be difficult to apply and may wrinkle. The perfect temperature for installing these decals is between 65 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wall sticker decals can be the perfect way for you to decorate and change the look of the room without adding wallpaper or hanging pictures. This makes them a great way to decorate when you are living in an apartment or another type of rental home. However, when you install these decals, it is critical to make sure you do it properly to prolong the life of the decals and ensure they come off easily when you need to remove them. With these steps, you will be able to enjoy fun new walls in any room of your home.

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