Commonly Asked Questions About Laser Cataract Surgery In Honolulu

A cataract in the eye occurs when a portion of the lens becomes clouded. This normally causes individuals to have blurry vision, double vision, and problems seeing at night. Read the information below to learn the answers to commonly asked questions about cataracts and Laser Cataract Surgery In Honolulu.

Why Do People Get Cataracts?

Cataracts can form in one or both of the eyes, and they normally occur as a person ages. The lens of the eye contains proteins and as a person gets older, these proteins naturally begin to disintegrate. When a cataract clouds the eye, the lens loses the ability to focus on objects.

Besides aging, cataracts can often occur in people who have diabetes and those who take specific medications. Individuals who don’t wear eye protection when they’re outside in the sun are prone to getting cataracts. An injury to the eye or eye surgery may also cause a person to get a cataract.

Why Is Cataract Surgery Necessary?

When a person who has a cataract refuses to have surgery, their eyesight may gradually worsen. Individuals may need Laser Cataract Surgery in Honolulu if their cataract is preventing the treatment of other eye-related issues. Without immediate surgery, the cataract can progress and become more problematic to remove.

Is Cataract Surgery Painful?

Many people are hesitant to have cataract surgery because they fear the pain that’s associated with the surgery. During the surgery at the Hawaii Vision Clinic, the doctor removes the lens of the eye and inserts an artificial lens in its place. Since they’re only given a mild sedative, individuals are awake during the procedure, but they only feel pressure in their eyes during the surgery.

When the surgery is complete, patients may feel a slight irritation in their eyes for a few days afterward. The ophthalmologist may require the patient to use eye drops in the eyes after finishing the procedure.

Honolulu residents shouldn’t have to suffer from cataracts especially when there’s a gentle procedure available. Learn more about cataract surgery using a precision laser by visiting the clinic’s Facebook page. They also specialize in glaucoma treatment, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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