Comprehensive Glass Replacement in Long Island

A crack or ding in your vehicle windshield can be dangerous. It weakens the strength of the windshield and can cause it to break completely without notice. Some small cracks can be repaired, depending on where they are located, and some dings can be filled so they won’t get any bigger. Sometimes, it is safer to replace the entire windshield. An experienced glass company will know the difference and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. If you need glass replacement long island for your windshield, be sure to find a company that provides full services.

Comprehensive services mean the company will handle all the paperwork for the insurance claim, get authorization, and schedule the replacement. They will also provide mobile service for your convenience and a lifetime warranty on your windshield replacement. A company that provides that level of service is not only used for individual cars but is also utilized by car dealers, body shops, and business fleets. You can go to for details on services and warranties.

Installation and glass replacement long island is not just for automobiles. Residential and commercial glass services are also offered. Commercial services include custom designed store fronts, glass shelving, board-ups, display cases, mirrors, and windows. Small and large scale buildings can be customized with glass walls and glass counters. Residential services include tub and shower enclosures, table tops, insulated and storm windows, house and pet screens, mirrors, picture frames, and patio doors. Kitchen and bathroom installs and renovations are also available.

There are several types of glass from which to choose. Single and double strength, patterned, decorative, and safety glass are options. Laminated and tempered glass are available as well. Laminated glass is designed to hold in place if it breaks or shatters. That means that there will be minimal shards or splinters of glass that fly away from the whole. Car windshields, among other things, are made of laminated glass. Tempered glass is glass that has been heat-treated to add strength to the piece. It is used for shelving, table tops, and counters. Insulated glass is energy efficient and keeps out drafts. To know more visit Active Auto Glass Long Island.

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