Considerations To Make Regarding Tent Rental For Graduations In St Augustine

Recommendations for the perfect party setting are greatly encouraged however, sometimes those planning the events can feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices they must make. For instance, if you are going to have an outside graduation party the size of your tent will vary depending on the type of people that are invited as well as what time of day the event will be happening. Then of course there are different dimensions to consider altogether depending on the entertainment involved. If you need help for your next event hire the professionals for Tent Rental For Graduations St Augustine.

The dimensions for each guest are different depending on the type of party or activities that will be going on at your party. Obviously adjustments will have to be made depending on the time of year and the weather that is to be expected. As with any event, unless it is a wedding, the food and the location will be your biggest expenses so consider this when you are pricing your tent needs. In addition to tents you may also need to consider heat lamps or air conditioning, flooring, walls, tables, chairs, and buffet accessories.

To decide on the amount of tent size you need there are some common industry standards that are recommended by Tent Rental For Graduations companies. If you are having people seated at round tables you are looking at a common accommodation of 15 feet per guest. If it is simply a cocktail party type of event then only 10 feet of space per guest is recommended and lastly, if there is to be a ceremony of any type where there is row seating involved only eight square feet of space per guest is required.

Lastly, there are plenty of software applications that will make your struggle over high school geometry a thing of the past. You need to verify if you can actually fit your 1,000 square feet of necessary space under a 20X50 foot tent. Then you need to determine if you need a frame tent or a pole tent for your event depending on the location and again, the weather considerations.

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