The Procedure for Teeth Whitening Through a Cosmetic Dentist in Port Orange FL

Having white teeth can make your smile look its best and give you confidence in your appearance. Since the aging process begins slowly darkening your teeth from the time your adult teeth erupt through your gums, having yellowing teeth is a fact of life for many. For those dealing with staining in the teeth, it can often be difficult to overcome. Many people try to take care of their teeth staining issues themselves, by purchasing whitening kits from mass retail stores. These kits promise to remove their stains and get them white, but simply end up causing tooth sensitivity and never truly get rid of the stains. To find true stain removal and brighter and whiter teeth, it takes a whitening treatment through your Cosmetic Dentist in Port Orange FL.

How Does the Dentist Whiten Your Teeth?

When you arrive for your dental whitening treatment, the dentist will first carefully brush your teeth to make sure there are no plaque or food particles to keep the whitener from penetrating the teeth and removing the stains. Once your teeth are clean, the dentist will mix the special whitening agent so it becomes activated. This substance gets painted on each tooth and then the dentist will sometimes use a special light to further enhance the whitening ability of the solution. Once in place, you will wear a special flexible tray over your teeth to keep the solution in place and prevent you from swallowing it.

The length of time for your procedure will depend on the degree of staining you have as well as the health of your teeth. Once the dentist has timed the solution, it will be rinsed away and your teeth will be brushed and polished, to bring out their beauty. To keep your teeth whiter between treatments, the dentist may give you an at-home protocol that includes a special toothpaste and mouth rinse.     

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