Experienced Landscape Contractors in Norfolk

Lush and green well-maintained lawns have been enjoyed and appreciated since the 16th century. The next two centuries saw the incorporation of walkways, fountains and gardens into the designs. Since that time many homeowners have worked to create the perfect oasis within their yard, both to enjoy and to impress.

While landscaping used to be something only the wealthiest could afford, today the services are reasonable enough to allow nearly anyone to have the yard of their dreams. Landscape design is restricted only to the climate you are in and your imagination.

The best way to get that fantasy yard is to hire professional landscapers. With their knowledge they can design a plan which will match the climate, the amount of time you have to maintain the yard and any other consideration.

Landscape Contractors in Norfolk have to be especially skilled because of the unique weather extremes frequently seen in Virginia. It is important to invest your money in a company with the skills and experience to provide you with a yard that will last and improve over the years.

One of the most experienced Landscape Contractors in Norfolk is Southern Roots of Virginia. They have over 55 years in the business, creating the perfect lawns every time. Whether you are looking for a small, beautiful lawn or an expansive design incorporating fountains, ponds and more, they are the ones to call.

At Southern Roots they provide landscape design and planning. They also maintain lawns with services such as mowing, raking and fertilizing. They can remove trash, leaves and other debris. They also plant flower gardens, trim hedges and aerate lawns.

As full-service Landscape Contractors in Norfolk they can come care for your yard one time or once a week. They are happy to discuss your plans and ideas about what you would like to see in your yard. Their skills are extensive, but if you have ideas which are beyond their scope, they also have the resources to get you the assistance you need.

Contact them today to start transforming your yard from just a lawn into something much more amazing.

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