How to choose the Right Brightness for your Projector

When shopping for projectors there are many things to consider. One of the most important factors is brightness. When choosing Optoma projectors brightness is rated by lumens. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


First look into the following:

The more people in the room, the better brightness you will require as you will need a larger image.

If you are presenting in a room with natural light the brightness will have to be very good. The darker the room the better the brightness will perform so it is less important in dark rooms.

If you do not have a projection screen you will require higher brightness. A projection screen aids in balancing brightness.

What you are viewing will also affect the brightness you require. Use the same premise to judge as you do when looking at the light in the room. Darker presentations with lots of color need less brightness than lighter rooms with less pizzazz in the presentation.


Lumens measure the amount of light released per second by a light source. This is the measure used for projectors of all makes, models and brands. Here is a lumens guide to assist in your projector purchase:

2000 or less: This is best for practical presentations not intended to impress. They are common in portable smaller models and best used in dim lighting.

2000 to 3000: These work well in business conference rooms as well as in classes. The room does not have to be completely dark which means people will be able to take notes as well as see the images clearly.

3000 to 4500: This is the beginning of the high performance range for portable and semi-portable models. Ideal for conference rooms and classrooms where more flexibility in the lighting and number of people is required. You can use a larger screen and still not need complete dark to be effective.

4500 and up: These projectors are designed with larger venues in mind and can go as high as 12000 lumens ideal for concerts and nightclubs. They can still be used in board rooms, conference rooms and classrooms of a larger scale and will perform regardless of lighting or crowd size.

This basic guide will help you choose your Optoma projectors

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