Hiring Professional Remodeling Services in Richmond Virginia to Finish an Upper Half Story

Hiring a carpenter and remodeling service to finish an attic provides additional living space or one or two bedrooms. This is particularly useful in a house with 1-1/2 stories in which that upper half story has never been completed. Professional Remodeling Services in Richmond Virginia can complete the project according to the customer’s specifications and make the house more satisfactory.

Structuring the Room

The heart of the project will include adding finished flooring, a ceiling and walls. Panelling can be an excellent option for walls in this kind of carpentry project. Ceiling tile is a common selection in attic bedrooms and family rooms. Professional Remodeling Services in Richmond Virginia can complete all these tasks for their customers.

Slanted sides to this room may have to be dealt with, depending on how large the area is and the height of the roof from the floor. A popular interior design plan is to have one twin bed under each eave if the room will be a bedroom for kids or if it will be a guest room.

Wiring and Plumbing

These types of attics usually have electrical wiring in place, making it easy to connect overhead lights and outlets. Unlike basements, plumbing usually has not been extended to this upper level. If the homeowners are thinking about an additional toilet and shower, those might need to be installed in the basement to keep expenses reasonable.

However, if the budget is big enough, an upstairs bathroom may be possible. Some men and women envision having a master suite in their finished attic to be completed by a contractor such as The Carpentry & Painting Experts. This can allow their children to each have their bedrooms downstairs once the parents have a bedroom upstairs.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling systems may not be extended to the attic already, or the duct-work may be inadequate for actual living space. The furnace and central air must be sized so they can accommodate the extra square footage converted to living space. With a half-story area, this often is not a problem since it only adds approximately one large room or two small ones.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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