Reasons to Seek Treatment for Snoring

Snoring may seem comical and amusing to many people. It is often the basis for punchlines in movies and TV shows. People who witness another person snore may even take delight in making fun of that individual.

However, chronic snoring is usually indicative of something more seriously wrong with a person’s health. It is estimated that 32 percent of the population snores. Out of that number, 75 percent suffer from a condition called sleep apnea.

When you count yourself among the number of people looking for permanent snoring solutions North Vancouver patients like you may find the best results with medical treatment. When it comes to pursuing snoring solutions North Vancouver residents like you may want something that will offer long-lasting or permanent results.

The idea of snoring loudly each night might embarrass you. It also may have forced you out of your bedroom and into the living room or guest room because of keeping awake your spouse or significant other.

Further, chronic snoring might make you tired the next day because of your sleep being interrupted. When you wake up coughing and gasping for breath, you might suffer from more than just snoring. You may actually have sleep apnea, which can be deadly for people who are in high risk categories.

Overcoming both snoring and sleep apnea may require you to take part in a sleep study to determine what is causing your issues. You may need to cut out certain lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking, both of which put you at risk of apnea. Your doctor may also prescribe a CPAP machine for you to wear at night. This machine forces the flow of air in and out of your mouth and stops the back of your throat from vibrating. You may also be advised to lose weight.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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