How Complicated and Painful are Veneers in Louisville, KY

Teeth are a status symbol and the focal point of physical appearance making a huge impact on our self-esteem. Stains, chips or crooked teeth may be corrected by veneers, improving the image of anyone with bad teeth. Dental Veneers from Springhurst Dentistry are easily placed on the surface of a negatively affected tooth or teeth eliminating the unsightly fault causing the issue to vanish replacing it with a flawless tooth. Many people who hesitate to smile or laugh for fear of opening their mouth may now express their emotions freely while exposing their pearly whites.

Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Louisville, KY constructs custom fit veneers from thin pieces of porcelain or plastic these durable shells are then cemented over the front of your teeth transforming the stains, chips, gaps or flaws. Veneers are commonly used to improve the appearance of teeth providing patients with the look and color of their choice. The procedure is virtually painless with most needing no anesthesia. Veneers offer amazing life expectancy, color longevity and resistance to permanent stains from wine, coffee, tea, or even smoking. This long term low maintenance bright smile is a major draw for many who seek this dental procedure.

Quick Quality Smile Veneers in Louisville, KY is a hot new trend allowing patients to get their amazing new smile in fewer appointments. The new procedure offers a pain free and convenient application with the same beautiful and flawless result as the more time consuming procedures of the past and work as either a temporary or permanent cosmetic makeover for lower and upper teeth or both arches.

Veneers are a thin protective coating forming a durable shell over your teeth allowing those who get them to eat and drink as usual. The main benefit of veneers for most is the beautiful and flawless smile they are left with after the quick and simple procedure is complete. Veneers are fashioned from porcelain yet are not complicated or painful. The cost is not cheat and so many opt to apply veneers to the worst cosmetic issues working their way around the mouth slowly as they can afford to do so eliminating all cosmetic issue they desire. Ultimately most clients want to cover the entire set of teeth achieving a uniform look.

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