Transmissions & Importance of Maintenance & Repair

Recognizing car troubles early on can be difficult, especially for inexperienced drivers. However, becoming familiar with the vital components of your car, such as the transmission, can help you diagnose potential problems before they multiply. A transmission is a complicated yet integral system within a system. Ensuring that its fluid levels, gaskets, seals, and other essential parts are suitable and up-to-date will likely save you future hassles. If you’re noticing depleting levels of transmission fluid, or are hearing continuous buzzing or clanking sounds while your car is in drive, trust a company of knowledgeable technicians to pinpoint the exact issue.

About Transmissions
The transmission is indispensable to any motor vehicle, as movement can’t occur without it. Whether your car’s transmission is manual or automatic, it has one vital job, and that’s to convey power from your vehicle’s engine to the drive axle. A transmission changes the power levels and speed it conveys depending on the gear ratio, which is shifted manually by the driver or automatically.

Lower ranges cause a transmission to increase power and abate speed levels, while higher ranges denote decreased power and heighten speed levels. There are over 200 types of transmissions currently in use, depending on the year, make, and model of a vehicle. Because driving your vehicle without a functional transmission is impossible, it’s vital to watch for any signs it may be in need of repair.

Recognizing Issues
A transmission is a complex and intricately designed machine. Accordingly, there are a number of issues that can occur and affect its ability to successfully allocate power. Leaks and low fluid, as well as problems with the torque converter, solenoid, and clutch are among the most common transmission troubles drivers experience. Addressing these issues as quickly as possible will prevent you from having to cover the costs of a replacement transmission or cope with not having a workable car.

Low fluid levels, clunky or humming noises, burning smells, trouble shifting, and gears slipping are typical signs that a transmission is in need of professional attention and repair. Choosing a company that has extensive experience working on and installing transmissions will save you time, money and hassle.

If you’re in need of transmission repair, are interested in a custom built model, or are looking to purchase transmissions wholesale, contact Trans Works Transmissions. Visit to learn more about their company.

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