How to Plan Effective Parenting with your Ex

When working with a Family Law Lawyer Pottstown PA families need during times of divorce and custody challenges it is in the best interest of the children to plan a strategy to remain effective as parents. Here are a few things you should sit down and agree to with your ex in order to provide the stability and harmony your kids need.

Hand off Strategy

You will be sending your children back and forth between two households which can be very stressful on the children (and parents) especially in the early months. Having a step by step strategy that both parents agree to will provide a sense of routine for the children. Agree upon what is required for the sleep overs, the best time for pick up, i.e. at the school or after dinner and a schedule that works like clockwork for the days of the week. This will make a huge impact on how the children adjust to this stressful change in their lives. As well, come up with an agreed upon strategy of what behavior will be considered acceptable regardless of where the child stays. Again, this will help strengthen their sense of right and wrong. Be prepared for kids to test those boundaries to see if the divorce is going to allow them to get away with something they never would have before.

Extended Family

Another stressful aspect of parenting is how each of your respective families will be involved in the kids’ lives. It is important to keep each other informed of when children will be seeing their extended families, or as a courtesy if they will be present at events you both will be attending. This can be difficult in some cases where there are differences of opinion on how extended family behaves in front of your children. Unless there are dangerous circumstances or behaviors you do not wish your child to be exposed to your kids have a right to share time with extended family.

Finally, come up with a way to keep each other informed of issues and changes concerning school, health and any other aspects of life. You can use email, exchange info when kids are picked up or dropped off or use phone calls. Use the way that will cause the less conflict and ensure you are both sharing info in a timely manner. Click here for more details.

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