The Concerns around Restaurant Assault and Battery Coverage

6955647_mAssault and battery is one of the top concerns for restaurants or bars that serve liquor to the public. This is such a large area of concern because of the likelihood of an altercation breaking out between two patrons, typically due to the consumption of alcohol. Assault and battery typically means some type of physical or even mental harm to a person. In order for your business to be appropriately covered, you must obtain best restaurant assault and battery coverage.

Inspections of the Property

Because this type of insurance is not readily handed out, restaurants and bars must undergo a detailed approval process. Among this process is the need to inspect the premises. This is done before the underwriting of the policy is complete to ensure the establishment fits into the parameters the insurance company is willing to insure.

Review of the Area

During the underwriting process for restaurant assault and battery coverage, the insurance company will also carefully inspect the past history of the business, as well as the crime reports in the area. A few of the other factors that are considered are the number of employees and the experience management possesses in the restaurant or bar industry.

Location and Size

The exact location of your establishment plays a role in the underwriting process as well. If you are located around many other bars or establishments or you are a particularly large restaurant or bar, your requirements might be a little higher than a small, family-owned business. It is important to understand, however, that even small establishments that seem low-key and out of trouble can have their own share of assault and battery issues.

Higher Liquor Liability

Typically, restaurants or bars that serve liquor also have to pay much higher costs for general and liquor liability insurance. This is to protect the insurance company, especially if during the underwriting process there is a past history uncovered or the establishment seems especially high risk.

If you serve liquor in your establishment, it is important to gauge your risks and find out the best way to protect yourself and your company in the event of a fight or other damages between two patrons or even a patron and an employee. Restaurant assault and battery coverage is meant to protect you in these instances, but you need to ensure you have the proper coverage if the need were ever to arise.

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