Pump Station Problems: When Should You Call in a Professional?

Pump stations are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as drainage for low lying land or for supplying water to local canals. Many homes have them to eliminate sewage. Basically they carry fluid from one place to another. Whilst they can function for many years, there may come a time when these pumps need repairing or servicing. For those not familiar with pumps Brighton professional pumping services can be extremely useful.

Identifying common pump problems

Even if you do plan on calling in a professional, it is still useful to have a good understanding of the most common pump problems. Overloading is potentially the most frequent problem experienced by home owners. It occurs when there is an excess current sent to the pumps motor. This can be caused by a number of factors.
If the pumps in Brighton haven’t been installed properly it is only a matter of time before the system breaks down. It could also be caused by low voltage coming from the power grid. Whatever the cause, this is a problem most people won’t be able to detect and repair themselves. A professional company should be called in to examine the cause.

Overheating is another potential problem to look out for. This occurs when there is a loss of prime. The pump will still function, but no water will flow through it. This causes overheating and that will damage the motor. It can also cause the pipe components such as the pump seal, to break down.

Sometimes the pump simply refuses to start. There are many reasons why this particular problem may occur. The fuse could have blown, a flow alarm may have been triggered or your pressure switches could have malfunctioned. These are just some of the causes of this problem and only a trained professional will know what to look out for.

Calling in the professionals

Whilst it may be possible to fix some pump problems yourself, it really isn’t recommended. Why risk potentially making the problem worse when in terms of professional repairs and maintenance of pumps in Brighton residents are spoilt for choice? Always make sure you choose a reliable company with a good reputation. Any problem to do with pumping stations can be expensive to repair. A reliable company will help to keep repair and maintenance costs to a minimum.


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