Should you Choose Car Body Repair or a New Car?

There comes a time in every car owner’s life when they have to ask themselves a very important question. Would it be better to opt for car body repair or just throw in the towel and get a new car? It can be a difficult decision to make. If you’re wondering whether to use car body repair in Leighton Buzzard or whether to just replace your car, it’s worth knowing the pros and cons of each option. Below you’ll find the best questions to ask yourself before you make a decision.

Question #1: How much money will it cost to repair?

Is the cost of the repair going to be expensive? If so, is it more than your car is actually worth? Many people have found themselves facing repairs that would cost more than the amount they could sell the car for. If this is the case then it makes more financial sense to just cut your losses and buy a new car. However, one thing to keep in mind before you do this is how much the insurance is costing you.

Typically, older cars cost much less on insurance than newer cars do. The exception to this is vintage cars. If you own a classic car then the insurance is usually quite high because the parts are pretty hard to get hold of. Weigh up the cost of repairs, how much the cars worth and then compare the price of car insurance. This will give you a good indication of whether to repair or replace the vehicle.

Question #2: How dependent on your car are you?

If you have a job that keeps you on the road quite a lot then the last thing you need is an unreliable car. Will auto body repair in Leighton Buzzard be enough to keep the car running well? If it’s likely to suffer more problems in the not too distant future, you should definitely consider getting a new car.

All in all, it can be difficult knowing when to repair or replace your car. The two questions above will give you the best idea of what to do. Keep in mind that when done well, car body repair in Leighton Buzzard can make your car look and feel brand new. Visit to get car body repair in Leighton Buzzard.


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