Repairing Carpets after Extensive Flood Damage

Flood damage is a catastrophic event that can be hard to recover from without the proper tools. Carpets that sit under water for an extensive period of time can become full of mildew, mold, or other bacteria present in the water. When it comes to repairs after flood damage, Boston home and business owners need to work with restoration companies that specialize in flood recovery. It’s so important to use proper flood restoration techniques to avoid future damages or health concerns.

Determine If the Carpet Is Salvageable

The extent to which your carpet is even salvageable depends upon the type of water that flooded your home or business. Flood water that comes from storms or busted pipes is essentially clean water and a carpet can be cleaned, sanitized, and dried without a problem. If the water came from broken sewage pipes or it’s storm water full of bacteria or other debris, then the carpet may not be salvageable. A storm restoration company can assess your flood damage and determine if cleaning or replacing your carpet is best.

Water Extraction

The first step in carpet repair is water extraction. There is special equipment that can suck up all of the water within the carpet, leaving it very damp but not soggy. If you experience flood damage in Boston when the temperature is hot, you’ll want to extract the water as quickly as possible. The longer water sits in hot temperatures, the faster bacteria and mold will start to grow. When mold grows within a carpet, it can also start to grow along the walls and flooring surfaces. It’s often better to replace moldy carpet than try to repair it, so preventing mold growth is important if you want to save your carpet.

Sanitation and Drying

Once you extract the water, you’ll need to lift the carpet so you have access to the padding underneath. A professional storm recovery company can clean and sanitize both the carpet padding and the carpet. Industrial strength fans will run continuously until the entire carpet and the padding are dry. The carpet may need to be re-stretched, but if you use the right cleaning solutions and drying techniques, your carpet should show little to no signs of flood damage. Boston homeowners who can begin the water extraction process early have the best chance of salvaging a water logged carpet.

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