Tips on How to Handle a Dental Emergency Before Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Stroudsburg

Everyone has had that toothache that won’t quit. Kids get to playing a little too hard and end up running home with a bloody mouth. Sports accidents can cause severe tooth injuries that require treatment. Dentures or implants break the day of the yearly photos or the family reunion. What is the best way to handle these problems until you can get to the dentist?

  • Toothaches can have a number of causes. Occasionally, a piece of food that got ‘stuck’ can be dislodged by flossing or rinsing the mouth thoroughly. A cold compress might help with the pain. Do not ever put a pain medication directly against the tooth as it could burn the gums.
  • When a child (of any age) comes running in holding pieces of a broken or knocked-out tooth, be sure to save the pieces. Wash them gently to remove dirt, but do not scrub or remove anything attached to it. If possible, place the tooth back in place, facing in the right direction. If that cannot be done, place the tooth into a container with some milk or salty water and head for the dentist’s office.
  • When a tooth is partially knocked out of position but not completely dislodged, see the dentist immediately.
  • If a filling has fallen out, a bit of sugarless gum can be used temporarily to fill the hole (gum with sugar will cause pain).
  • Abscesses are infections and need treatment. Until a dentist can be seen, rinse the mouth several times a day with salted water.
  • Lost crowns will need to be replaced, but in the interim, clove oil dabbed on with a bit of cotton can help with the pain. It may be possible to fit the crown back in place temporarily using toothpaste or denture cream to help hold it in place. Never use super glue!

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