Signs you may need Repair for your Transmission in El Dorado Hills, CA

Your transmission is a crucial part of the smooth operation of your vehicle. Do you know what signs to look for that indicate that there may be some sort of issue with your transmission? Use the following information that highlights the most common issues that occur with an automatic transmission and when it is to seek repair for your transmission in EL Dorado Hills CA.


If you have a transmission that slips, it likely feels as though you are driving in one gear and then change to another for no clear reason. Additionally, you may notice that your engine changes pitch or sounds as though it is whining. Another sign is that your vehicle feels as though it is struggling or not accelerating as it really should.

Rough Types of Shifts

This feels as though your car will not change gears like it should, or the gears do not shift smoothly. You may also begin to notice a “thud” or “clunk” when you the vehicle shifts gears.

Engagement that is Delayed

If you notice this symptom, you will see a delay prior to the vehicle actually engaging into the drive position and before it begins to move forward. You may also notice a large pause when you shift from part to drive.


A transmission is, in most cases, a sealed component of your vehicle, which means that it should not ever leak any fluid. If you see any leak spots where you park your car, you should lay down some cardboard to determine if the leaks are active. If so, you will need to seek repair for your transmission in EL Dorado Hills CA.

Warning Lights in your Dashboard

A general warning light, such as the “check engine light” will usually not mean that you have a transmission problem; however, if this light occurs with the other transmission symptoms that are listed here, then you should have the issue professionally diagnosed.

If you believe that your vehicle may have transmission issues, you should seek professional evaluation right away in order to determine if you do have a serious issue or not.

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