Slim, Trim And Smooth With Liposuction In CT

Slimming and Trimming one’s body is something we all aspire to. Even if the ability to look like a model or professional athletic is not within our reach, being the best we can be should certainly be our goal. Working out at the gym or at home on our own is the first plan of attack. Portion control and an approach to healthy eating habits is another. However even under the best of circumstances, there are areas of the body that need additional care. Those lumps and bulges simply do not respond to diet and exercise as we want them to. Liposuction in CT under the care of Dr. Richard Martin MD can take care of these problematic parts of the body with expert surgical procedures performed by his skilled hands.

Liposuction in CT is just one of the many cosmetic surgery treatments performed in his offices. Everything from facial surgery of the nose and eyes to lipo is possible. His office web pages at can detail the many directions his multi-faceted medical practice extends.

Patients see the doctor for lipo when they are exhausted and exasperated by the typical ways of fat reduction. The first step is always that appointment scheduled as an informational and get to know you session. A patient’s medical history is very important for the doctor to peruse. Everyone is not a good candidate for every procedure. The doctor will address his concerns to you, along with any and all of the questions you might have. All of the advantages as well as any risks involved with surgery will be discussed. Patients have rights and options. Making the decision for cosmetic surgery should not be done in a rush.

Should you make the decision to have lipo, your surgery date will be scheduled as to make it as convenient for you as possible. Recovery time needs both in office and at home will be worked out. Although the procedure is an out patient surgery, time is needed for proper healing and return visits to the doctor. With the doctor’s caring staff, you will be able to make sure whatever you choose is the right decision and surgical treatment for you.


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