The Benefits of Using a Pad When You Are Using Cannabis Dabs

If you have just started dabbing, you may be a bit overwhelmed at all of the accessories that are available for you to choose from. One of the most popular things that dabbers use is a cannabis DabPad. There are many advantages to adding this to your routine.

Rig Protection

One major benefit that the dab pads are good for is the protection of your actual dabbing rig. It can be disastrous if you set your rig down with too much force on a hard surface and accidentally chip or crack the glass. However, when you use a pad to set your rig upon, it provides all of the cushion that you need to ensure the safety of your cannabis rig.

Prevent Sticking

When dabbing, it is a natural part of the process to have some of the wax drip when it is heated. Using a quality dab mat will ensure that the wax does not drip and stick to a surface such as a table or a countertop where it will prove difficult to remove. Instead, it will drip on the pad where you can simply peel it off and reuse it the next time you indulge.

Simple Organization

Trying to find a place for all of your dab tools can prove to be a pain. However, when you use a cannabis DabPad, all you need to do is roll up your cannabis dabbing tools at the end of the session and everything is protected and in one place!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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