Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Design and Material

Choosing a garage door is an important decision you need to make to complement your home’s exterior appearance. You should consider several factors, including design style, material and cost. If you try to cut corners to save money, you might find yourself having to repair or replace the garage door much sooner than you should. Likewise, a garage door that is custom-made can be so expensive that it’s not cost effective. If you do some comparison shopping first, you should be able to choose from a variety of Garage Doors in St. Louis, MO to enhance the appearance of your home.

The different types of garage doors are designed with specific uses and budgets in mind. A basic garage door offers security for your home and possessions without any kind of embellishments. This type of garage door doesn’t have glass windows or insulation, but might include panels that, while not decorative, are recessed. A mid-range custom garage door offers many more choices of panel design, glass inserts and decorative features. They are usually insulated as well. Custom-made garage doors come in selections featuring more intricate designs as well as a variety of colors and finishes. Custom doors may even be sophisticated enough to be considered architectural designs.

Garage door materials are just as important as the designs. Steel is the material most commonly used in garage door construction. Steel is a material that is low maintenance, will last a long time and is less expensive than other garage door materials. The primary drawback of steel is its poor insulating properties, so the door will need added insulation. Aluminum is similar to steel but is a lighter weight option. Wood was used in the first garage doors and is still a popular choice. It’s a favorite choice among homeowners who prefer a traditional look. However, wood needs more regular maintenance than either steel or aluminum. Wood composite materials are another option for garage doors that doesn’t split or rot as natural wood can. Finally, fiberglass doors are a good choice for areas where salt water corrosion is an issue.

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