Unusual Wall Treatments in Commercial Spaces

Business is compExtrusions | Aluminium | Metals | Materials | Businessetitive and sometimes it takes everything to find a competitive edge, including creating impressive spaces that best express your brand. Companies and interior designers are seeking different ways to decorate their offices to help speak more about what they do. Here are some interesting uses of non-conventional materials being used in today’s leading edge commercial spaces.

Yes flooring. Designers are finding new ways to use a myriad of flooring items on walls to create interesting back drops for foyers, reception areas, board rooms and elevator banks. Heavier wood floors may require special panel-clips and support whereas something like colored vinyl tiling can be cut to create custom logos, designs and even murals and then applied directly to the wall. Other environmentally friendly floors such as bamboo and cork are also options for the “green” business.

Slatwalls can add texture and can be placed on the diagonal, in a checkerboard pattern alternating the slats between horizontal and vertical as well as using metal slatwall for an industrial look. These may require extra mounting such as panel -clips as well. You can also display your product for the world to see when they visit.

Living Walls
Plant walls are making a real impression and make a clear statement for environmental crusaders. Living walls are gorgeous and can even be customized using different colored plants to create patterns and logos. They add a cool and calming effect and are perfect in offices with atriums. However, natural light is not necessary to keep them looking green.

Water Features
Calming, slick and very Zen the water wall is another way companies are making an impact. Walls can be anything from stone to glass or tile and look and sound wonderful. People love water features as the sound of trickling water is very soothing and this works well in everything from medical offices to ad agencies.

Glass is being used throughout offices as it allows for natural light to reach every corner of the space as opposed to the coveted executive offices on the window walls. Employees love glass walls because of the natural light and privacy strips can be added in frosted or etched glass. Painted and etched glass walls can also be used to create a more customized look.

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