Various Uses for Wire Rope

If you live in Pennsylvania and find that you need a very heavy duty solution when it comes to roping, you may want to consider wire rope. There are a number of uses for wire rope in PA and by learning more about these uses, you will better understand the product. Before buying wire rope in PA, you should certainly keep some of these uses in mind. Not only may they turn out to be important for you, you will also know how others use this versatile product.

Perimeter Protection

One of the most common uses of wire rope is for perimeter protection. Wire rope is extremely tough and many different industries will use it as a way to protect the perimeter of a specific area. This rope can keep people out, of course, and can even serve as railings around new buildings. Most commonly, this use for wire ropes has been adopted by the marine and construction industries, but many others are certainly using rope for this need as well. If you are thinking of using wire roping as perimeter protection, make sure you have the specific application in mind so you know what type of rope to get.

Lifting and Carrying Weight

Another common way that wire rope is used is when you are lifting and carrying weight. It is important, if you are going to use wire rope for this reason, that it is proof tested. Many companies that manufacture wire ropes will do these tests in order to be sure that the rope will only break when it is supposed to. These ropes, are of course, manufactured in a way to ensure they only break at a certain point, but you can never be too sure. It will be up to the user to make sure that it is used in a safe and proper manner.

Crane Cables

Finally, you will also find that some wire ropes, sometimes referred to as “exotic”, can be used as crane cables. These cables need to be extremely strong, have a completely consistent diameter and should be very high performing. As these ropes will be lifting and moving heavy loads several hundreds of feet in the air, they cannot spin. Make sure, if you are going to use wire ropes for this type of application, you get one of these exotic forms. Get in touch with Bilco Group for more details.

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